Comilla District is a district in southeastern Bangladesh, and Chittagong division. Comilla District 23° 01 ‘to 23° 47′ 36″ north latitude and 90° 39′ to 91° 22′ east longitude wide. Comilla district has crossed the tropic of cancer. Comilla bounded by Brammanbaria and Narayan Ganj districts on the north, Noakhali and Feni districts on the south, Tripura (state of India) on the east, Munshi Ganj and Chandpur districts on the west. The area of 3087.33 square kilometers and 106 km international border.

Comilla-MapComilla districts under Chittagong division. It was part of the ancient city and the Samatat was part of the Indian state of Tripura. As far as is known from the ancient heritage of the region, from the fifth century AD, the Gupta emperors Tripura was pertinent. According to historians, from the seventh to the eighth century Buddhist gods in the realm of the clan. In the ninth century, under the rule of kings comes Harikel Comilla. Geological evidence is found to be that of the tenth almost fifty years, until the middle of the eleventh century, the region was ruled by the dynasty of the moon.

In the meantime, in 1765 after being ruled Mughal rule came under the East India Company. Revenue to facilitate the company to appoint one of the provinces in 1769 AD. He was in the province of Comilla, Dhaka. In 1776, under the collector is Comilla. In 1790, through the formation of Tripura district of Tripura Collectorate started. Tripura district in 1793, according to the regulations, a civil judge is appointed, and in the same year he was given the power of magistracy. Magistrate and collector are separated in 1837 verses. Again in 1859, the position of these two are combined. Later in 1947, the department was renamed in 1960 in Tripura district of Comilla, and the term was named deputy commissioner of the district magistrate and collector. In 1984, the two subdivisions of Chandpur and Brahmanbaria district was reorganized as a separate district.

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